Friday, 14 September 2012

Viborg SpilBar 1.0 - a short postmortem

The first ever SpilBar in Viborg has just finished. Unfortunately the flight from Copenhagen to Karup was cancelled, so the planned speakers, Lars Henriksen and Henrike Lode couldn't join us.

Luckily, some very cool people decided to show what they were currently working on, and share fun stories and anecdotes from their time working in the game industry.

The speakers for the first ever SpilBar in Viborg were:

Bastian Leonhardt Strube, Student Animation Workshop
"Gamejams, and why you should go"

Søren Jønsson, Producer and Senior Game Designer, Krea Media
"Games for kids and the evolution of Pixeline"

Igor Noronha, Director
"The journey of the Light Apprentice: Comics, Films, and Games - working with transmedia"

Peter Melgaard, Student, Animation Workshop - freelance artist
"Airborne 101 - creating a game in 4 months over the internet, and how to work with Apple guidelines"

Huge thanks go out to Bastian, Søren, Igor and Peter for talking at the event with such short notice - and thank you to everyone who came out for the event - hope to see you next time!

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