Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Job opening with Full Control, to work on Space Hulk

Full Control studios are looking for an environment artist to work full time on their Space Hulk project.
If you're interested you should apply now, as they need the position filled ASAP.

We will consider project employable people or freelancers for a 5 month full time project employment. Full time employment afterwards is definitely possible, but not offered at this time.

Start is ASAP.

- Must be proficient in 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop and be able to model low and high poly models for games as well as create diffuse,normals and texture maps.
- be able to work in our offices in Spilhuset in Copenhagen
- be able to work in an english speaking environment
- ability to 3d model environment props in Max for game usage
- have proven experience in high poly modelling for normal map baking
- create realistic and hardcore themed textures (diffuse, normal, spec map)
- you must send us examples of your work. No portfolio - no work
- be able to create the highest level of quality possible. And prove you can
- be able to work dedicated and take the initiative into your own hands. If you need micromanagement - then dont apply

Preference will be given to:
- 40k and/or Space Hulk fanboys
- experienced artists over younglings unless ultra skilled or shows extraordinary dedication.
- we use Unity, so bare bones knowledge here helps

We can offer:
- a paid job based on your level of experience
- be part of a Warhammer 40k production (and naturally be credited for your work)
- work in a pro team

Send your application including portfolio/examples to thomas snabel-a

We will hire the best candidate whenever we find him/her. So dont hesitate.


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