Monday, 15 April 2013

SpilBar 14 + SpilPrisen 2013 - free bus to Copenhagen!


The bus has broken down - the bustrip is cancelled. Sorry :(
Realistic rendition of what happened:

When I wanted to pick up the minibus, evil game-hating people cut the oil to the servo, making the bus impossible to control. (actually the car just broke down, everyone in Viborg loves games)

So, as a result, the planned roadtrip to SpilBar and SpilPrisen had to be cancelled. We're getting the bus fixed up though, so we'll be back with a vengeance for next SpilBar!

We're going back to Copenhagen, this time to visit SpilBar CPH, and join in on the festivities that is the new Danish Game Awards (Spilprisen)
Check out the description below.

The bus is powered by awesomeness, provided by The Animation Workshop, BERMUDA and Shareplay.

Travel plan:

Date: Thursday, April 18th
Departing Aalborg (by Platform4 HQ) - 10:00am
Departing Viborg (by parking lot just outside Open Workshop), 11:59am
Departing Aarhus (by Talentfabrikken, Filmbyen 19) - 01:05pm
Arriving Copenhagen, SpilBar - ~04:00pm
Departing Copenhagen: ~8:30pm (earlier or later, depending on what the people in the bus decides)

Sign up for the bustrip here! 
There's only room for 7 people in the bus, so seats are assigned on a first come first served basis.

SpilBar 14 - SURPRISE!

When: April 18th, 2013,  16.30-20.00
Where: AFUK – Akademiet for Utæmmet Kreativitet, Enghavevej 80-82B (through the gate and to the right), 2450 Copenhagen SW.
Why: Bring curiosity, forget screens

16.30: Welcome
Then: Holly Gramazio (Hide&Seek, UK): Six surprises – A look at six different moments of surprise in six different real-world games, from the shock of betrayal to the moment of unexpected victory.

Douglas Wilson will stop by together with collaborator Thomas Perl to show their game ‘Edgar Rice Frotteur’.  In the game, players move about Tarzan style in a jungle of Move controllers hanging from the ceiling. (check out the video by clicking the thumbnail on the left)

Spilprisen is a new Danish game award aiming to celebrate the talent, creativity, craft, and passion in the Danish games industry. The award is initiated and organized by The Producer’s Association.

We have a few local nominations on the list actually; the game from TAW graduates, Sylvester Rishøj and Bodie Mülliner, Subway Surfers is nominated alongside Kiloo as "Best Game Developer" of 2012!

And "Little Barker" from DADIU'12, where Kristina Stengaard from TAW worked as an animator, is nominated as "Best Student Game"!

Vote for your favourite game here - voting closes on Tuesday the 16th! (all students at TAW are eligible to vote)

See you on the bus! :)

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