Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Kickstarter - and the numbers behind crowdfunding for games

This is a pretty great article for people interested in using platforms like Kickstarter (danish version of that is Booomerang).

We’ve been working on a Kickstarter project with a client, and as this progressed I grew very concerned that the popular perception of Kickstarter = success is not complete, and that anyone thinking of funding their project this way should look at it very closely before going there and asking for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The article has some great data on crowdfunding, and the numbers are definitely worth looking through if you're thinking of going in that direction with a game project.
For instance, if you are trying to raise $250,000 for a PC game, you are trying to raise more money than the average PC game manages (that’s $233k). More importantly, you are trying to raise more than 10 times the median amount of money ($23k). Your project will need to be exceptionally attractive to pull this off.
Source article:
Kickstarter and Games - june 2012
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