Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Studentervæksthus event: Serious Games and Apps (June 21)

On the 21 of June The Student Incubation House of Campus Viborg, welcomes you to the first event focused on games and apps development. On the event you will hear about what serious/learning games and apps are, and how they can contribute the education and others sectors. You will also hear the business side of how it is to work as a serious game developer. To enlighten us about all this, we have invited some experts who are working and are active in the game and app field.

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13:00-13:40, Mathias Poulsen (PlayConsulting)
Games and apps as communication tool

13:50-14:30, Louise and Rikke Thonbo (Teacher and IT consultant, Odder)
How are games and apps used in the schools.

14:50-15:30, Mikkel Overby (Commercial Director, Serious Games Inteactive)
How can you make a business, making games and apps.

15:30- 16:00
Panel Discussion + Q&A session

16:00- 17:00
Snacks and drinks/Networking

What are Serious games? 

A Serious game is a game designed for a primary purpose, other than pure entertainment. A serious game is usually a simulation which has the look and feel of a game, but is actually a simulation of real-world events or processes. The main goal of a serious game is usually to train or educate users, though it may have other purposes, such as marketing or advertisement.

Practical information and sign-up

The event will take place in Poul Gernes Salen Campus Viborg Prinsens Alle 2.

The event is open for everyone, who is interested in learning about serious/learning games and apps. If you are interested, send a mail to Kenneth.b@animwork.dk

Hope to see you there!

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