Friday, 10 August 2012

Games for film contest (win £25.000 for game development)

IC Tommorrow has launched a "Games for film" contest, which, apart from the nice funding grant (£25.000 - 236.000 DKK), also has the nice features that you, as a company will:
  • priority access to leading commercial content partners
  • an opportunity to promote their prototype solution via the IC tomorrow programme
  • support in resolving content delivery, licensing and metadata issues related to the service or application
  • retaining their intellectual property.

You'll be making a  promotional game for either: 

- a feature film, theatrical release - released by Lionsgate
- a direct-to-dvd film - released by Lionsgate
- the movie "Spike Island" - released by the BFI (British Film Institute)
- the movie "Smash and Grab" - released by the BFI
(or do multiple applications, if you're feeling up for a challenge)

The successful applicants will receive:
  • A funding grant of up to £25,000 for the development of a commercial prototype.
  • The opportunity to work with the challenge partner in the development of the prototype.
  • The possibility to access creative assets to use within their prototype.
  • The ability to fully retain their intellectual property.

On the 15th of august, there's going to be a briefing event - you can book your place here.
Submission deadline is 20th of september (!)

More details can be found on the website at InnovateUK: 

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