Wednesday, 5 September 2012

This week in jobs: Limbo and project based openings!

Vacation is over, time for information overload!

Playdead (Danish game development studio behind Limbo) are looking for a full-time Technical Artist

- A minimum of five years in gaming and/or visual effects
- Advanced knowledge and experience in modeling, surfacing, texture creation, shaders, lighting, rendering, effects, scene profiling, and optimization practices
- High proficiency in scripting languages such as MEL and Python
- Strong communication, collaboration, and organizational skills; ability to understand team and project needs and prioritize tasks accordingly
- Knowledge of Danish or the willingness to learn

Experience with the following is a plus:
- Familiarity with Unity and Maya
- Animation and character setup experience
- Experience with shader authoring and maintenance


The Alexandra Institute in Aarhus are looking for a Technical Director for a 4-month project based employment.
- Experience with 3D modelling
- Experience with animation
- Experience with texturing and unwrapping
- Understanding of technical limitations of CG
- Able to identify areas where the visual aspects of a proejct can be improved.

Experience with the following is a plus:
- Know, and/or have worked with Unity3D
- Know, and/or have worked with commercial films/TV or game productions.

Details: (in Danish)
Write to Jesper Mosegaard for more details -, subject: "Application TD 2012"

Portaplay are looking for a "cool and quirky animator" for a 3-month project based employment.

The project
The project is still in the pre-development phase and are mostly "un-proven ground", meaning that we will rely heavily on prototyping and iterative processes. –and this is where we need you!
We are often combining tech in odd ways, to create new user experiences, so be prepared to "boldly go where no man has gone before" (or woman).

Your tasks
Your work will center around experimenting with new ways of creating animations, which conceptually unite the animation series and the game. -helping us create an artistic vision and a setup, that makes the film and game comes together visually - communicating the same universe, while telling different stories on each media.

Contact: for application / more info

If you know of more jobs, feel free to drop a line in the comments, and I'll add them to the list!

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